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Good Shepherd

On February 6,2015 Mrs.Gessaman’s class did a play on the Good Shepherd and his sheep. I liked how they had the shepherd’s call for the sheep and how they followed their shepherd. They explained how we’re the sheep and Jesus is the Good Shepherd and like the sheep, when He calls for us we follow. They had  the shepherd’s talk about how they would do anything for their sheep. I liked that because Jesus is the shepherd and he died on the cross for his sheep which are us. They did an awesome job on their class play about the Good Shepherd.

By: Morgan R., 6th Grader



On January 16, 2015 Mr. Newman came in to speak to the elementary. Mr. Newman talked about truth. He talked about the truth of the bible and that is a great example of truth. Mr. Newman talked about how if somebody misleads you and how you should believe in the Bible’s truth. Here is an example of that he had a kid come up and Mr. Newman said it was a color and the kid guessed yellow, but he said that the kid was wrong. That’s why you shouldn’t listen to others instead listen to the bible. I thought that was a great chapel on truth and he did a great job explaining.

By: Morgan R., 6th Grader

A Super Christmas

This week Mrs.Normile’s class presented at TCE chapel. There were many super heroes that found out there was a new one (which was Jesus), and they all were afraid that he was going to steal their jobs. Then, they figured out that he wasn’t here to take their jobs, and he was only coming to save us. So, you shouldn’t be scared because Jesus is the best superhero.

By: Erin S., 6th Grader

Be Light

Mrs. Johnson and her class presented on being a light in the darkness of this broken world. In the TCS gym all the lights were out and our city was dark, when all of the sudden there was a light! (From a flashlight.) The power was out because their city did not know Jesus. They as only a few people had to change their city to a Christ loving community. They told everyone in the city about the light of the world, Jesus. When they went to Sunday school class, the kids handed out small flashlights to their fellow classmates. After they handed the lights out they shined them into the crowd, and sang a BEAUTIFUL song.

Thank you Mrs. Johnson!

By: Julia N., 5th Graer

Speak Life!

This week Mrs.Barnishin’s class did a presentation in chapel about speaking life. They showed us a video of the 5th graders putting encouraging sticky notes on the lockers and all around the school. One thing that I learned is to not put others down, but instead you need to lift them up with some encouraging and helpful words!

By: Erin S., 6th Grader

Today in chapel we all were into the songs. We praised Jesus with all our hearts!

Erica Sharp from Ginghamsburg spoke today. She talked about the first being last and the last being first, and she talked about being content. Mrs. Sharp had a great analogy.

She called up Mrs. Long ( Our principal ) first to scoop ice cream into another bowl; when she was done she would get her equal pay. Later on Erica decided she needed more help so she called a student out of the crowd and said to scoop the ice cream, and they would get their equal pay. She did this two more times.  At the end she gave all of them their equal pay, one Hershey Chocolate Bar. When it came to Mrs. Long’s turn she got one Hershey Bar. Mrs. Long complained that she worked the longest so she should get more pay. Erica said I gave equal pay. This was to explain the first to be last and the last to be first and contentment. Mrs. Erica Sharp did a GREAT job!

By: Julia N., 5th Grader

Jesus Satisfies

On October 24 Mr. Weaver talked in chapel. He told us that we all think that toys, good grades, and winning will satisfy us. Mr. Weaver told us that Jesus is the only one who satisfies. He told us that we know Jesus satisfies but we don’t know how we get that. Here are some steps: 1. Know, 2. Trust, 3. Thank. Mr. Weaver showed us a clip of Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and he explained to us how Charlie’s family was very poor. In the clip it showed us the part where he got the candy bar and when he found the golden ticket to go to the Chocolate Factory. He compared the candy bar and the bible where we just think they’re ordinary until we dig deeper. Mr. Weaver did a good job explaining this chapel in and sharing his wisdom with us.

By: Morgan R., 6th Grader